Regardless of whether you already have a specific idea for promoting new service, product or brand, or you are just looking for an interesting concept – our offer, which encompasses truly unique costumes, will meet your expectations.

This is not an ordinary promotional wear – we focus on innovation, clarity, surprise and uniqueness. That is why our clothes for hostesses and other outfits for promoters of various goods and services often take such fantastic shapes. They help play the role of a superhero or present in a unique convention that what is most distinctive for a brand – its logo. Thus prepared, consistent with company policy, costumes for the hostess not only attract attention and arouse interest, but also have a positive impact on the brand image. However, there is more to our proposal. Next to them are also office wear – perfectly reflecting the professionalism, direction and values of our customers daily work. We give you the opportunity to have a closer look at them below. We would like to emphasize that as an innovative, creative producer of this type of solutions we are constantly acting in an outstanding and unconventional way. Therefore, every project we pursue, starts with talking to the Customers to know and understand their needs, expectations and ideas that they comes to us with. Thus we are able to come up with the solutions that fully reflect the potential and uniqueness of your business.

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